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What is the difference between Nylon and Polyester Trellis Yarn?

I get this question a lot from customers so I will try to answer it in this blog.

There are small differences between Nylon and Polyester Trellis Yarn, but both are great for crocheting the Trellis Yarn Necklaces.

If you have ever used Lion Brand Trellis Yarn, you will notice how soft and silky it is.  This kind is made of Nylon.  Even though I don’t carry Lion Brand Trellis Yarn, I have a type of Trellis Yarn that is made of Nylon.  The brand is called Kuka Yarns.  Most of the Nylon Trellis Yarns I carry have the colored spaces closer together, usually about 1/2 inch apart.  Most of the polyester yarns are spaced about 1 inch apart.  View the details on the description if the spacing is important to you.

The first necklace is a necklace crocheted from Fall Harvest which is a Nylon Trellis Yarn.  The second necklace is made with Polyester Trellis Yarn, color Blue Streak.

The Nylon Trellis Yarn Necklace is very soft and silky.  You can see that it hangs a little straighter than the 2nd necklace.  This is because it is slightly heavier than the Polyester.  I hate to even use the word “heavier” because this necklaces are so light!  But, a 50 gram ball of Nylon has 125 meters of Trellis Yarn (about 137 yds), while a 50 gram ball of Polyester has 150 meters (about 164 yds).  The Polyester Necklace is fuller and holds the crocheted stitches better.  It is still a very soft, smooth yarn, but not at silky feeling as Nylon.

At, you will also find Trellis Yarn that has a small amount of Lurex.  The Lurex gives the yarn a metallic shine, usually in Silver or Gold.  While the Lurex threads add a glimmer to the yarn, you will find that they are not as smooth, and can seem a little stiffer.  However, I find that they are still very comfortable to wear and make beautiful Trellis Yarn Necklaces and accessories.


What is Trellis Yarn?

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Trellis Yarn (also called Ladder Yarn, Railroad Yarn, Ribbon Yarn, Lattice Yarn)  is a special type of yarn that is made with retangular sections of yarn spaced apart and sewn together with thread on each side.  Most Trellis Yarns have 1/2 – 1 inch spaces between the yarn sections. 

Trellis Yarn Strand

The first time I was introduced to Trellis Yarn many years ago, it was the Trellis Yarn made by Lion Brand.  Unfortunately, I have learned that Lion Brand has discontinued their Trellis Yarn.

The trellis yarn I use now is made by Ice Yarns or Kuka Yarns.  Ice Yarns makes most of their yarn from Polyester and Kuka Yarns are mostly from Nylon.  Lion Brand’s yarn was also made of Nylon.  If you are comparing the brands, you may notice that Ice Yarns and Kuka Yarns Trellis Yarn will be slightly more narrow than Lion Brand. 

There are many fun things you can make with Trellis Yarn.  One of the most popular things people make are Trellis Yarn Necklaces.  These necklaces are so beautiful and light-weight.  They are also quite quick and easy to make if you know how to crochet.  On my website I have a Trellis Yarn Necklace Crochet Pattern available for purchase.  Other patterns available include Trellis Yarn Bracelet Pattern, Trellis Yarn Earrings Pattern, Trellis Yarn Bib Necklace Pattern, and Trellis Yarn Pendant Pattern.

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